Banks & Ashby Custom Shirt Review

After waiting for over a month to have an appointment confirmed, dealing with terrible customer service, and having to drive nearly 50 miles just to be measured for a $250 custom shirt, it had better fit like a second skin.

Customer Service

I would like to state that the customer service was simply the worst I have ever had the displeasure of enduring a month’s length of correspondence with, but that statement would not do the scenario justice. I submitted a ticket for an appointment on March 5th. After a few days of hearing nothing from Banks Ashby I called their 1-800 number…which went to voicemail almost every time and had a man who was of no help the only one time someone answered. Having not been helped over the phone I submitted an email for aid. The CEO himself returned my inquiry with a lot of nonsense that established no appointment. The next month was filled with worthless emails. Not one included a date for an appointment or the contact information of a Banks Ashby tailor in Miami. I later learned that this was because they did not have a tailor currently based in Miami. I felt as though I had been led on. The appointment was finally made on April 9th. That is one month and four days from the date which I submitted my origianl ticket for an appointment, and the company was of no help explaining why or trying to make it right.

We score Banks & Ashby customer service 0/5 (a first for Apptly Suited)

As for the other categories, we will fill in those when the shirt arrives, but I felt so compelled that NO ONE USE this clothier, I posted this warning IMMEDIATELY!

UPDATE: The yelp page for banks and ashby reflects my dissatisfaction. Also, the team of scammers behind Banks & Ashby have begun a new operation (most likely because of the negative press) called be warned, DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE unless you want the most awful customer service experience of your life. Enjoy the pics below which show some of the many updates and excuses I have logged since March when I placed the order… Which I still have not received.

Have you had a bad experience with these guys? …we know you haven’t had a good one. Tell ye about it.




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