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Hubris Reed Suit Review (By Matt Kiniman)

One of our reader Matt wanted to share his experience with HubrisReed.com so we reposted his comment from an earlier article as its own mini review. What Matt has to say about the fit of his suit may surprise you.

” I live in South Florida so I was able to meet with the Hubris Reed team locally and sort through a lot of great fabric choices for suit. Braden, the founder, helped me a lot. His input actually led me to pick a burgundy colored suit that I would not have chosen myself but I love it. I selected fairly standard options as I generally do not wear very “loud” clothing and because the suit makes enough of a statement on its own. The only thing I didn’t immediately love was the way the suit fit me. I like to wear a very slim suit because I am 6’3 and skinny. The Hubris Reed Suit had a few extra inches. I sent the custom clothing concierge an email and within 3 hours I had a response. They provided me with the name of a tailor (Frank Michael Tailors, they are great) in my area. Hubris Reed even covered the cost of the $60 alterations and now I could not be more thrilled with my suit. The best part was that the company has recorded the altered measurements and changed my profile in their system so EVERY suit from now on will fit perfectly. I love it. Such a convenient system and they are a really professional group of people. 


We couldn’t agree more with Matt that if you only have a few good suits in your wardrobe, their is no reason to draw more attention to them with details such as bright linings and functional buttonholes. And Hubris Reed’s customer service seems to be pretty good about churning out responses in a reasonable amount of time so we aren’t surprised their either. 

Hubris Reed Suit Review

Hubris Reed LogoHubris Reed makes the finest custom suits I have ever worn. And some start at under $500. They currently have a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the companies’ expansion and you can purchase suits and shirts at discounted prices. You shouldn’t pass up this opportunity to own exceptional custom garments at such incredible prices.


Recently I had the great pleasure of meeting with Braden Schlosser, the young president of Hubris Reed Clothiers, a custom clothing company in South Florida.



Customer Service

It only required a single phone call to get in touch with Hubris Reed Clothiers. I set an appointment with the customer service representative and was then promptly emailed by my own personal Custom Garment Concierge. They asked me questions no other company had about my wardrobe, my job, etc. This was a nice touch because I felt that now the fabrics they presented me with would be more fitting for my lifestyle. A tailor arrived, on time, to fit me at my home. The tailor for this fitting was very helpful in guiding me through the benefits of each fabric, lapel, and even the smaller details. After the initial fitting contacting Hubris Reed to discuss details of my suit, expected delivery dates, etc was as simple as sending an email. I received a reply within 24hrs every time.   The next month, when my suit arrived the tailor from my initial fitting brought it to my home and made sure that I was happy with it before departing.  I love my grey suit (yes, I opted for a basic grey suit) because it is just so versatile and beautiful.

We Score Hubris Reed Customer Service 5/5

Production Time

With The production time was slated for 3-4 weeks and being that the suit I had ordered was  Made to Measure as apposed to being truly bespoke time was on par or better than most other companies. I, like many of you do not enjoy spending an extra $300 for rush shipping on any of my custom clothing items and luckily you will never need to with Hubris Reed. However, if you do truly need a rush order simply tell your tailor and they can attempt to have your order pushed to the front of the line.

We score Hubris Reed’s Production Time 5/5


I ordered one suits from the Premium level of fabrics which offers a variety of super 130 wool options. The suit is light enough that I can wear it in the south Florida heat, and the fabric breathes very nicely. One can even opt to have a suit made from the exclusive Holland & Sherry fabrics, named after the Savile Row tailor who produces these ULTRA fine wools.  Hubris Reed uses a full canvas construction in all of their suits. As they put it on their website “Every Hubris Reed suit utilizes a full canvas construction. Having this level of craftsmanship in our suits allows the garment to last longer, breathe better and lose its wrinkles quickly. Most companies who sell off the rack and made to measure suits cut costs by fusing (glueing) the suit together.”

We score Hubris Reed’s Quality 5/5


Compared to the off the rack suits I were once accustomed to wearing and even the fit of numerous custom suits I now own, the fit was immaculate. The fabric hugged the every curve of my body. My shoulders, which are generally slouched, were enraptured by the suits superior detailing and the careful measurements. A detail I truly loved was the very natural (thin) shoulder pads which were sewn into the suit.  The pants fell perfectly at the shoe and the waist was taken in so properly that it is comfortable to wear my suit without a belt. (A small factor which adds to the versatility of the entire suit. It allows me to wear it yet another, more relaxed and confident way.)

We Score Hubris Reed’s Fit 5/5

Hubris Reed offers suits from $699 to $3,999. My Premium level suit was $599 after I applied a discount from signing up on the company site. When compared to custom suits from other companies at higher price points it becomes readily apparent that for the fit and customizable options incorporated into the Hubris Reed atmosphere, this company is second to none.
We Score Hubris Reed Price 5/5
Overall Score: 10/10
You’ll Love Hubris Reed If: 
  •  You are new to the custom clothing industry and need guidance.
  •  Want an experienced team of tasteful tailors and image consultants.
  • Have a budget and still want an amazing custom suit
Hubris Reed is Not For You If:
  • I cannot think of anyone who cannot benefit from this charming start up.
My New Favorite Suit!

My New Favorite Suit!

Mass Couture Custom Suit

Mass Tailoring is a unique entity in the custom clothing industry. They offer suits made of various fabrics, with a variety of custom options, and at a fair price. The real oddity with this company comes in the form of their pricing structure. Suits start under $150.00, but if you think it’s to good to be true, it is. Mass Couture has first time buyers sign up for a membership of sorts where by you pay to belong to the site. THe amount varies from garment to garment but you’ll be lucky to get out done shopping for under $300. Not that $300 is a lot of money for a custom suit, but when it’s double what you originally thought you wold be spending… the premium is almost insulting.


Customer Service

Mass Couture’s customer service was easily reached by email. The staff seemed to be very knowledgeable and gave me insight and advice willingly. The only issue, as I have had with companies operating from “across the pond”, is that as soon as my product shipped the company stopped responding to my numerous attempts to contact them.  

We Score Mass Couture Customer Service 2.5/5

Production Time

The production time was nearly 6 weeks. That is on par with astor and black, however the A&B garment was fully canvased and beautifully made, the Mass Couture suit fell short of impressing me and again… 6 weeks for a fused suit is not going to cut it in a world where Indochino exists. 

We score Mass Couture Production Time 2/5


Fair. For the price one cannot set their expectations to high. Also worth mentioning, the online 3D designer that you use to customize your suit really does show a good interpretation of the finished product, so Mass Couture gets a nod from me on that. Kudos. 

We score Mass Couture Quality 2.5/5


The fit is way off. I ordered a white suit and the jacket looks more like a lab coat than a suit jacket. The pants are alright though, no complaints their. Usually I would blame the measurements that I allowed someone else to take, but I used the measurements from iTailor that contributed to receiving a suit that was far to small, and yet I ended up with an overflowing coat this time around. 

We Score Astor and Black Fit 2.5/5

Misleading. The price of suits differs form fabric to fabric. But whatever price you think you have found add about $200 to it for the “membership” fees and for shipping (why not include that to begin with, then mark it as free shipping?) and also for credit card fees. 
We Score Astor and Black Price 2/5
Overall Score: 4.6/10
You’ll Love Mass Couture If: 
  •  You like building your suit with a 3D interface
Mass Couture is Not For You If:
  • You like attentive customer service

iTailor Custom Suit Review

Customer Service

iTailor responded to our emails within 24 hrs every time, with one exception. We had received the suit, and the Jacket was far to small. upon attempting to contact them, we never received response.

*UPDATE: We received a response from the company with a sincere apology and an explanation of their “80 Euro Fit Guarantee” where by the suits are discounted by 80 Euros each so that when they arrive, if any alterations are required, you have already saved enough money by purchasing your suit from iTailor that you can afford to have it fixed locally. It is like Indochino’s Perfect Fit Promise and just another reason why I personally love iTailor.

We Score iTailor Customer Service 5/5

Production Time

iTailor ships the pant and jacket separately, strange but not inconvenient. They both arrived well within the 4 week window they guarantee.

We score iTailor Production Time 5/5


We ordered the least expensive (navy) suit that is offered by iTailor. The quality of construction is impecable, especially when you consider that the suit costs just $179! ($239.00 or so with shipping) even with the shipping included you are saving more than $100 over Indochino’s price for their “essential navy” suit. The fabric feels refined, certainly not to the extent of Astor and Black, but if you can find a better suit at this price point, let me know where because I will redo my wardrobe with them.

We score iTailor Quality 4/5


It appears that the individual who measured me has some very serious issues following the directions from the iTailor site, because the jacket is to small to wear. I watched the videos on their website again and this issue should not have occurred.

The Jacket: Far to small. My shoulders nearly tore the seams and I cannot button it. A shame, because I LOVE THIS SUIT!

The Pants: A bit short, and perhaps they need to have an inch added to the waist, but not bad.

We Score iTailor Fit 2.5/5 (it really isn’t their fault. Get accurate measurements and this clothier will be your best friend.)

$179 for a Navy Suit, $189 for other solid shades, and the custom options are extensive. This section is the easiest to write: iTailor has prices that (for the level of craftsmanship in the jacket) cannot be beat by anyone we have seen or reviewed thus far. If you need a new suit you are definitely expecting to spend more than $239.00 (including shipping) so I RECOMMEND TRYING THIS CLOTHIER!
I also wanted to mention that the web interface from this clothier is fantastic. They actually offer a very accurate 3D generator so you can see your suit being customized in real time and know what you are paying fot. A truly unique feature in that it actually works. To put in perspective, Astor and Black attempted to incorporate a 3D suit designer at one point, let’s just say it is no longer a feature on that companies’ site.
We Score iTailor Price 5/5
Overall Score: 8.6/10
You’ll Love iTailor If: 
  •  You have accurate measurements.
  •  Appreciate a well priced suit, and extensive custom options.
  • Want to use a 3D Designer to see what the finished product will look like
iTailor is Not For You If:
  • You want a wide selection of fabrics.

*note – I plan on perhaps purchasing a suit from this clothier with my accurate measurements to give a second review, because as I have said many times; the quality is hard to beat for this price. I am a fan.

The pictures will not upload, I will work on that and post them soon.

Modern Tailor Custom Shirt Review


Modern Tailor is a fitting name for an online clothier who specializes in affordable custom clothing. In fact, after reviewing on of the companies’ $19.95 (trial price listed) custom shirts for ourselves, we believe that to few companies have such a good understanding of their customers. Given the current economic climate very few people can afford to dress their best, but we salute Modern Tailor’s effort to give every man the shirt they deserve.

Customer Service

We barely interacted with the customer service reps from Modern Tailor, as the process was fairly simple and standard. However, we did attempt at one point to contact the custom service team to discuss our review and never received an email response. The blame cannot be placed entirely on Modern Tailor as we had similar issues with various other companies and individuals that turned out to be a technical error on our end. The advice I would personally offer when dealing with this company, follow them in twitter and mention them with your questions, they seem to respond quickly on Twitter.

We Score Modern Tailor Customer Service 4/5

Production Time

The order was placed and confirmed on 6/13/2012. Before I even had time to check the FAQ’s, I received an email (on 6/15/2012) informing me that my shirt had been shipped out and was on its way to me. Just over one week later I had my shirt in my hand. All told the production time from Order to delivery was a very speedy 10 days!

We Score Modern Tailor Production Time: 5/5


I have a closet filled with various designer shirts and custom shirts alike. None of those shirts cost anywhere near $19.95. And not so surprisingly the vast majority are of a superior fit and feel. The feel of the fabric against your skin is much smoother in a Hugo Boss dress shirt, but the price is also about 10x higher. Comparing custom to custom though, my Dillon Road shirts ($125) fell short of the Modern Tailor garment. The Dillon Road shirt’s color and sheen is down played (even dull) enough that you might confuse it for your old J. Crew button down, but Modern Tailor helps their shirts to stand out with a depth in the shade of the color that makes it seem much richer than it is at only $19.95!

We Score Modern tailor Quality: 4/5


As is the case with our prize fight series, we have an amateur take our measurements based on the web sites interface, and see how easy it is for your Average Joe to figure out. Aside from being about 1/8in. short on the sleeve length, our average joe was able to record my measurements almost perfectly. My gripe with the shirt is not just the sleeve length, but what appears to be some extra fabric on the sleeve. Perhaps I am just to particular, but when the shirt is custom you should always be particular, that’s what separates you from the guy in Express Men who thinks the shirts look just as goo on him as the (pinned up) mannequin. Aside from that every aspect of the fit was fantastic.

We Score Modern Tailor Fit 4/5


For new customers their is a trial offer whereby you may choose a shirt in one of three colors (white, blue, or black) for only $19.95. If you’d like to add a monogram, various button options, and contrasting threading, be warned that the cost will increase quickly… although not significantly. At $19.95 Modern Tailor is confident in the ability of this product to bring in repeat business, and just like a confident man is attractive to women, such is a confident company to its customers. If you have been hesitant in the past to try an online clothier, whether it be for purposes of measurements or money, you can’t afford not to try this offer.

We Score Modern Tailor Price 5/5 (but is anyone really surprised by that?)

Total Score: 8.8/10

You’ll Love Modern Tailor If:

  • You are on a tight budget
  • Want a low risk, custom shirt

Modern Tailor Is Not For You If:

  • You prefer a more refined fit and feel (Such as that of a Hugo Boss dress shirt)


Sebastien Grey Gilt Deal

Sebastien Grey Gilt Deal

Sebastien Grey is offering promotions on its custom suits on Gilt City. You can get one of their essential custom suits (a super 100) for under $500. You will also receive a $200 gift voucher, good for your next purchase of $500 or more from Sebastien Grey. Act quickly though, because this deal won’t last forever. Click the picture above and you’ll be taken to the site.